Community partners that sponsor and support the OreSat Project are the only way we'd get this done.

Thank you to all our supporters! We could not do this without you!


ANSYS logo

ANSYS is a firm that focuses on engineering simulations. We use their software to help simulate the thermodynamics and various components that will effect OreSat in space.

Collins Aerospace logo

Collins Aerospace:

Collins Aerospace is a firm that works to innovate a spectrum of aerospace technology. They range from commercial aviation to military systems.

Composite Envisions Logo

Composite Envisions is a carbon fiber materials manufacturer. They orginally started with the automotive industry but now provide carbon fiber to a variety of innovations.

CRP technology logo

CRP is a 3-D printing company that focuses on windform material. Windform is the material most of our 3-D prints are made out of!

FLIR System logo

FLIR System Inc:

FLIR is a designer and manufacturer of thermal, perception, and visual enhancing technology.

IEEE logo

IEEE Oregon:

IEEE Oregon helps support the electrical engineering students on our OreSat team.

The OSGC is part of the National Space Grant Program. Thank you OSGC, we couldn't do this without you!

OSH Park Circuit board

OSH Park manufactures printed circuit boards that are used on OreSat -- they are the reason OreSat is purple!

Thank you OSH Park!

Screaming Circuits logo

Screaming Circuits is an Oregon based company that specializes in protype and small printed circuit board assemblies.


A.I solutions logo

A.I Solutions is a small business which supports space agencies with engineering and product support.

Autodesk logo


A 2-D and 3-D CAD software to help design features of OreSat.

Crowd Supply logo

Crowd Supply is a innovating crowdfunding group located in Portland. They help fund and support creators with making products that may not have been created otherwise. We're partnering with Crowd Supply to distribute our OreSat Hand Held Ground Stations!

Dassault Systemes logos

Dassault Systemes

Oresat uses Dassault Systemes 3-D CAD modeling software. Solidworks is a brand from Dassault Systemes.

Dependable Springs logo

A family business of small wire specialists in Oregon. Dependable Springs Company has been open for over 50 years!

Element company logo

Element is an Oregon based material testing, certification, and inspection company

Github logo


Oresat uses Github to store and share our source files and important documentation.

McCloud Aero Corp logo

McCloud Aero Corp is a designer and manufacturer of unmanned aircraft technology.

Solidworks logo


Solidworks is a CAD software used by many of our students to design the various structural pieces of OreSat.

Syncro Designs logo

Syncro Designs

Syncro is a design manufracture that assists in making our CAD files come to life!

Tektronix logo

Tektronix is a manufacturer and designer of various testing and measurement devices. Tektronix assists in the health, communications, mobility, and space fields.

Are you a company, foundation, or industry and want to come help us out? We would love to hear from you! Please email for more information.