The OreSat project is an expandable, open source CubeSat "bus" (that's the technical junk inside of a satellite) that expands from a 1U to a 3U CubeSat. We currently have two satellites being built for launch in 2021 and 2022: OreSat and OreSat0.

A photo of OreSat 1 in a testing contraption

Originally designed as Oregon's first satellite, OreSat is a 2U CubeSat that's being given a free ride to space by the NASA CubeSat Launch Initiative (CSLI) sometime in early 2022. We'll be deployed into low earth orbit off of the International Space Station! OreSat has two amazing missions - STEM outreach for the entire state of Oregon, and a climate science mission.

Confusingly, we were offered another free ride to space after we started building Oresat1. So we're now building a 1U CubeSat called OreSat0 for a Winter 2021 launch to sun synchronous low earth orbit. There's no fancy missions here: this is a flight and technology heritage mission to prove out the OreSat bus and our ground stations.

OreSat0.5 is a 1.5U CubeSat that will test the attitude determination and control system (ADCS) of the modular, expandable, and open source OreSat bus. OreSat0.5 paves the way for OreSat1, and has a planned handoff for Q2 2022 and launch Q3 2022.

Will there be future OreSats?! We hope so! With NASA's Artemis missions, low earth orbit is no longer our only possible destination. Keep in touch and find out what our next mission will be!