Hand off of OreSat0 to Spaceflight in seattle, Wa

On Monday February 28th, 2022, We drove OreSat0 from the rocket room in the PSU Engineering Building to Spaceflight Inc's integration facility in Auburn, WA.

The evening before we prepped for flight, including updating firmware, resetting system state, and charging the batteries. Then that morning we set off for Seattle. We spent the morning integrating OreSat0 into Spaceflight's CubeSat deployer, which went totally flawlessly.

(Although if you ask us over beer how it really went, ask us about the "shake test" in our hand off procedure which led to us spending a anxiety ridden 45 minutes opening up OreSat0, fixing a loose card clamp, and putting it all back together. That's a good story.)

Spaceflight then shipped the integrated deployer to Kodiak, Alaska, where it was integrated into Astra's LV0009 rocket.

Us after ripping apart our satellite and putting it back together. Everything was fine. Really.

Our "name plate"! Thanks everyone who helped make it happen!

Getting ready to integrate.

Loading OreSat0 into the deployer: good luck and godspeed!